Life In 16mm

Hey, my names Kyle, I am 20 and I am Aspiring filmmaker who is studying a B.A in Film.

I'm just another human trying to tell their story to the world.
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  • Three of my greatest friends are in this picture…

    I don’t know what I would do without Penny sometimes, she really is like my rock. When I’m down she is there instantly to support me and I really can’t ask for much more off her, she is the most amazing and unique friend I have ever had and I wouldn’t change her for the world! - Blue Hat

    I am glad I have Aimee as a friend, despite everything we’ve been through in the past 3 months we are now back to being good old friends again, she is so supportive and caring towards me I really couldn’t be more grateful for her friendship she means a lot to me as a friend and I will never let her down on that one. - Lilac Hair

    Lauren is absolutely lovely and loyal to me, she’s stuck by me through so much and kept on supporting me even when I was in a dark place. She is a great friend to have and I will never take her for granted. - Pink and Blue Hair

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